Charity Partnership with Footsteps Foundation

Kokomo are proud to partner and support a worthy UK based Childrens’ Charity – Footsteps Foundation. The Charity was set up in 2004, by founder Pip Hoyer-Millar, in her plight to find the best possible care for her daughter who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. During her investigations she discovered the innovative “Spider” therapy.

Spider therapy assists children to carry out exercises to help strengthen their inner core muscles, leading to improvements in their physical, cognitive and developmental capabilities. The results that Footsteps have achieved are remarkable and we felt that this is such a invaluable cause we wanted to give them as much support as possible.

The charity ensures that those on lower incomes are able to access the therapy within the Footsteps Centre based in Dorchester-on-Thames. They are currently working with around 200 children per year, with families travelling from all parts of the UK. The charity funds 70% of all the families attending the Footsteps Foundation.

Along with yearly donations, we also support various charity events to raise money. The charity has provided hope and companionship to many families and we are honoured to be associated with such a worthwhile cause.

Find out more and to donate please visit: